Annual Easter Egg Hunt Announcement:

Due to the threat of COVID-19 and under the direction of Governor Beshear of the State of Kentucky, The Tri-City Empty Stocking Fund along with Heritage Ministries has decided to postpone the annual Easter Egg Hunt. We hope to reschedule for sometime later this spring or early summer. Updates will be posted here, on Heritage Ministries Facebook page, and the Tri-City Empty Stocking Fund Facebook page. If you have any questions contact us at 606-848-0550.


Tri-City Empty Stocking Fund

The Tri-City Empty Stocking Fund seeks to help families in need at Christmas with food and gifts for children age infant to 18. The Tri-City Empty Stocking Fund  also sponsors an annual Easter egg hunt.

About the Empty Stocking Fund

Who we are and what we do:

Empty Stocking Fund History:

The Tri-City Empty Stocking Fund was founded in 1980 by Jim 'Muggins" Bennett. He noticed the community needed some aid during the holiday season after lay offs from the coal mines, and he decided to start a small organization to do just that. Over the years it has grown tremendously. Every year, we pack 600 food boxes to feed families in the Tri-City area of Harlan County, KY. The boxes weigh approximately 100-110 lbs and are packed with items such as: canned goods, bread, potatoes, fresh fruit, and a canned ham amongst other foods. Each family receives one box, and in addition, each child in the family from ages birth to 18 will receive two gifts each. We also have a "Home Alone" program, which provides a food box and one gift each to elderly people who live alone and have no one to share the holidays with.

Empty Stocking Fund Today:

The Tri-City Empty Stocking Fund is not just a Christmas time aid. Through out the year the Empty Stocking Fund sponsors many events including an annual Easter Egg Hunt at the Tri-City Nursing Home and an Independence Day Parade Float/Entry.

Food Donations Needed

  • Sugar (4 lbs bag)
  • Saltine Crackers (16 oz/48 count box)
  • Pork N Beans (16 oz can)
  • Self Rising Flour (5 lbs bag)
  • Corn Meal (5 lbs bag)
  • Iodized Salt (26 oz)
  • Dried Beans (1 lbs bag)
  • Jellied Cranberry Sauce (14 oz can)
  • Cereal (18 oz box)
  • Chicken Broth (14 oz can)
  • Applesauce (24 oz jar)
  • Vegetable Oil (48 oz bottle)
  • Yams (29 oz can)
  • Cake Mix (1 box confetti cake mix)
  • Frosting (16 oz Vanilla)
  • Sprinkles (2.6 oz multicolor)
  • Peas (15 oz can) 
  • Stuffing (6 oz box)
  • Fruit Punch or Orange or Lemon Juice (1 Gal)
  • Margarine (16 oz)
  • 2% Milk (1 Gal)
  • Canned Ham (3 lbs)
  • Navel Oranges (4 lbs bag)
  • Potatoes (5 lbs bag)
  • Apples (3 lbs bag)
  • Mac N Cheese (7.25 oz box)
  • Corn (15 oz can)
  • Green Beans (15.5 oz can)
  • White Bread (2 lbs bag)
  • Jelly (18 oz jar)