About Us

How we started

Jeff Sim worked in construction for years when he decided to become a general contractor. After getting his license he started his on construction company in California, then moved to Illinois, and after several years in Illinois God called him and his wife into ministry. Jeff, Linda, and their two children Jordan and Lindsay all moved to Lynch, KY in 2005. They founded Heritage Ministries, Inc. shortly after their arrival to eastern KY. Jeff uses his construction background to aid locals with anything from rebuilding their house after a fire to building a wheelchair ramp and runs the Surplus Store. Linda manages the books, the two houses they use to house mission teams, and is very involved with the Tri-City Empty Stocking Fund. Together with God they seek to restore the homes, lives, and the communities here in the heart of the Appalachians.

Home Repair Ministry

When Heritage Ministries was first founded, Jeff and Linda knew that home repair was a going to be a focal point of the ministry. God had called them to eastern KY to help people and with a background in construction doing home repair was natural for them. Heritage Ministries uses mission teams to subsidize labor, materials, and/or funding for home repair projects. It is the belief of Heritage Ministries that helping our neighbors and showing the love of Christ is the best way to minister to them.

Surplus Store

The surplus store started from donations received from mission teams, churches, individuals, etc. that wished to help support the work God was doing through Heritage Ministries. From windows, doors, light fixtures, and cabinets to moulding, light switches, door knobs, and couplings almost everything in the store has been donated.  The goal of the store is to offer low cost and affordable hardware to those in the area. Since we are not trying to make money everything in the store is priced to go.

Tri-City Empty Stocking Fund

The Tri-City Empty Stocking Fund was founded in 1980 by Jim 'Muggins" Bennett. He noticed the community needed some aid during the holiday season after lay offs from the coal mines, and he decided to start a small organization to do just that. Over the years it has grown tremendously. Every year, we pack 600 food boxes to feed families in the Tri-City area of Harlan County, KY. The boxes weigh approximately 100-110 lbs and are packed with items such as: canned goods, bread, potatoes, fresh fruit, and a canned ham amongst other foods. Each family receives one box, and in addition, each child in the family from ages birth to 18 will receive two gifts each. We also have a "Home Alone" program, which provides a food box and one gift each to elderly people who live alone and have no one to share the holidays with. God bless each and every one of you. We wish you a wonderful Christmas season and hope you help to bless others as well.